Coanda screenThe Coanda-effect is utilised to pass flow though a finely spaced mesh in our Self-cleaning Wedgewire screens. The screening is to 1mm aperture and with no moving parts the screening system is designed to be simple, robust and cost effective.

WRE Wedgewire screens require no power supply and very little maintenance and as such are very well suited to remote intake locations.

Coanda-effect screeners require a head differential to operate, WRE manufacture screeners down to a head differential of 400mm which can screen flow rates of 25l/s for every metre width. Larger head differentials can screen up to 60l/s per metre width.

Multiple screens are connected together with EPDM seals to pass a systems design flow.

Wedge wire screen

The stainless steel self-cleaning wedgewire screens are suitable for high head, low flow situations, for more information click here