Archimedean Screw TurbineArchimedes Screw Turbines

Western Renewable Energy, with other hydro-electric specialists GP Electronics and Castleford Engineering, commissioned the first Archimedean Screw hydro electric system in the UK at the River Dart Country Park, Ashburton.  This system is located at the site of an old turbine, within the Dartmoor National Park, on the River Dart, a Salmonid river.

WRE Ltd has since designed and installed further screw turbines through out the UK.  This type of turbine is becoming increasingly popular for lower head sites.  It is especially suited to sites with large flows – typically at least 600 litres/second are required – and up to 6,000 l/s are easily accommodated in one machine – but heads can be as low as 1 metre.  Installation costs can be significantly lower than comparable Kaplan or crossflow turbines.  This therefore makes these machines worth considering for fitting into existing weirs on main rivers.